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Jamie and leading Australian supermarket Woolworths have worked together since 2013. The pair joined forces to make it easy and affordable for Australians to buy local, fresh, seasonal and healthy produce.

The partnership focuses on Jamie’s recipes and tips for healthy living, and giving Aussies the confidence to prepare great tasting fresh meals from scratch at home. They’ve also worked on a solution to midweek meal dilemmas – the Created with Jamie range. This range focuses on easy-to-cook dishes, all made with Jamie’s high standards of sourcing and flavour.

The partnership is also founded on a shared passion for reducing food waste with the two collaborating on the successful ‘The Odd Bunch’ campaign which encourages shoppers to buy wonky veg. And Jamie has provided tips and tricks to use up some of the most wasted foods in Australia, from beef and bread to salad.  

Jamie champions ‘Free Fruit for Kids’ in Woolworths – helping kids get their recommended servings of fruit each day – and has also launched ‘Jamie’s Garden Collectibles’ to encourage children to get excited about fresh produce.

“We’ve been working with Jamie for the last 5 years to help and inspire our customers make healthier food choices.  This partnership has been key in getting our customers to cook more fresh food from scratch and to have lots of fun with it.”

Nick Chapman

General Manager, Brand, Woolworths