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Jamie's new TV show needs you!
Press Release | 2 months ago

Jamie Oliver is back with a brand new series, travelling around the country to help a nation of takeaway lovers get cooking again.

With the popularity of takeaways and delivery food sharply on the rise, Jamie is on a mission to show delivery lovers of all ages that their favourite dishes can all be made, cheaply and easily, at home. Jamie will travel around the country, meeting people who are struggling to see the point of cooking and show them just what they can create in their own kitchens.

This joyous series sees Jamie offer time-saving tips, money-saving tricks and kitchen gadget hacks all aimed at helping people up and down the UK get back in their kitchen. Jamie will also cook up incredible recipes that are easy and delicious, including home-made versions of the nation’s favourite takeaways.

The series will be made by Jamie Oliver Productions, with Executive Producer Samantha Beddoes, Series Producer Katie Millard and Series Director Jamie Hammick. The series was commissioned for Channel 4 by Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor, Features and Formats. It will air in the autumn. The programme will be distributed internationally by Fremantle.  

Samantha Beddoes said: “It will be really exciting to see Jamie getting out of his kitchen and into people’s homes in order to understand what is really stopping so many of us from cooking. He’ll be challenged to understand different points of view and create bespoke recipes, tips and hacks that can make a real change.”

Jamie’s Home Delivery: Delivering good food, the homemade way.

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