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News | 4 years ago

This month the Jamie Oliver Group launched a trial for a pioneering direct-to-consumer breakfast product. Created to challenge the cereal industry and highlight the need for better and healthier options, Granola Dust was revealed to Jamie’s email and social media community, inviting them to trial the product and provide honest feedback.

The first wave of 500 samples sold out in 48 hours – a great indication of appetite and excitement amongst consumers – and a further 500 packs have been made available to meet demand.

Originally created for his Everyday Super Food book, Jamie’s ambition was to create a breakfast option which would appeal to grown-ups and kids alike, setting the nutrition team the challenge of defining what ‘good’ could look like. After a lot of research, testing and tasting Granola Dust was born – creating the ultimate breakfast megamix of oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, packed with both flavour and goodness.

The beauty of Granola Dust is its versatility; it can be enjoyed like a cereal with cold milk, sprinkled on yoghurt and fruit or even used to make porridge. Beyond that it makes a mean pancake batter, packs extra flavour into a smoothie or and adds goodness to the top of a fruit crumble. It’s innovative, exciting and a category-busting product with brilliant ingredients at its heart. Here’s the roll call…


OATS – high in oat fibre, which helps to lower your cholesterol and protect against heart disease, as well as keeping our digestive system healthy.

ALMONDS – not only are these powerhouses a source of protein, they’re also packed with vitamin E, which helps to protect our body’s cells from damage.

WALNUTS – chock-full of the trace mineral manganese, walnuts ensure our bones stay strong and healthy.

CASHEWS – this delicious nut is a rich source of iron, which is essential for the production of red blood cells.

BRAZIL NUTS – rammed with the essential mineral selenium, Brazils ensure our hair and nails grow strong.

FLAXSEED – high in thiamine (also known as vitamin B1), flaxseeds support a healthy immune system.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS – these are high in the mineral phosphorus, which is crucial for maintaining healthy bones.

CHIA SEEDS – these tiny black seeds are full of fibre, which helps to keep our digestive system moving.

SESAME SEEDS – brimming with both calcium and phosphorus, these are key for making and maintaining healthy bones.

PUMPKIN SEEDS – high in the mineral potassium, these green warriors help to keep our blood pressure in check.

DATES – this flavourful fruit is brimming with the element chloride, which the body uses to make hydrochloric acid in the stomach, aiding digestion.

SULTANAS & RAISINS – these gems are packed with the mineral potassium, which is key for efficient muscle function.

MULBERRIES – this sweet fruit provides a great source of manganese, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones.

GOJI BERRIES – these little red fruits are crammed with iron, which helps keep tiredness and fatigue at bay.

COCOA POWDER – there’s lots of the trace mineral copper in here, which plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system and protecting cells from damage.


Alongside these top-notch ingredients, a key element for product development was to create really clean, clear packaging which lays bare exactly what’s inside. No marketing jargon or flashy colours, no misleading claims – Granola Dust is exactly what it says on the tin so consumers are empowered to make an informed decision about what they put info their mouths.

Happy breakfasting!