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B Corp

We are a fully integrated food business driven by our purpose: to help people lead healthier, happier lives through the joy of food. Together we want to revolutionise what we eat, one meal at a time, making it healthier, more sustainable and fairer for all. And by creating real change, we can improve our social and environmental impact.

Right from the start with The Naked Chef in 1999, Jamie has always been driven by social purpose – from inspiring people to get more fruit and veg in their diets to campaigning for better school dinners for the nation’s kids. We’ve always wanted to do more for people and the planet, so certifying as a B Corp business in 2020 was a natural step, giving us a framework to help us focus. And in 2024 we hit a significant milestone: recertifying as a B Corp with 101.1 points.

But our work doesn’t stop here. We’re constantly striving to do more as people’s needs change. Much like our rigorous recipe testing process, we are always trialling new ways we can take our social impact to the next level. In fact, we are constantly evolving our practices, standards and impact, just as B Lab’s standards are always improving, too.

When we recertified as a B Corp, we boosted our 2020 score by 9%, due to some significant changes we made to our business – see full details on our B Corp page here. And by expanding the company, we can do even more.

"I have always believed that businesses can and must be a key driver for positive change, and our communities, audiences and customers rightfully expect us to lead by example. I am therefore incredibly proud that the Jamie Oliver Group recertified as a B Corp in February this year. Being a member of the global B Corp community, and working with businesses who share our passions and goals, will help us amplify our focus on social purpose even further."

B stands for Benefit for all, and B Corp companies are part of a global movement to change the economic system to positively impact all business stakeholders: workers, communities, customers and the planet. Essentially as a B Corp we are not just a business with a social purpose, but we also value our impact on the planet, our communities and our workforce as equally important as our profits. 

There are currently over 8,000 B Corps across the world, and approximately 1,500 of these are based in the UK, a number that is growing all the time as more companies want to become a force for good. We are proud to be part of this movement alongside other leaders in the social impact and sustainability space, and try to work with fellow B Corps wherever we can.

Social impact reports

Take a look at our social impact reports, here.