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Diversity & inclusion

The Jamie Oliver Group is committed to promoting equality and preventing any kind of discrimination. We champion inclusivity and diversity in our team and through all our work, including our content and campaigning. 

Jamie's team at work

We strive to create an open and welcoming environment, where everyone can contribute their best work and develop to their full potential. We celebrate the fact that everyone is different and treat every colleague with dignity and respect. We believe every single person in our business has an active role to play in making our workplace inclusive, but in 2018 we also set up a designated Diversity & Inclusion Group, comprised of employees from across the business. Their role is to actively and strategically promote diversity and inclusion.

Some of our key initiatives to date include: 

  • Our partnership with the Media Trust, offering young people from a wide range of backgrounds the opportunity to spend time with our teams to learn more about how to produce content and possible routes into the industry. Going forward, we plan to expand the partnership to offer work experience placements in our video production, social and TV teams.

  • To support our local community in Holloway, we partner with the Arsenal Foundation with our rolling six-month internship programme. The internship offers participants a chance to work with our facilities department and get to know the overall business. It is specifically designed to give the most vulnerable and challenged local residents a better chance of employment.

  • A collaboration with the Creative Mentor Network (CMT), an organisation focused on making the creative industries more diverse and inclusive. We are planning to roll out CMT’s mentorship programme internally, and we are exploring how we can better tap into the CMT talent pool during recruitment

  • We work with a BAME-only recruitment agency, to help us source and attract more candidates from this talent pool.  

  • Through our continued work with the Change Please charity, we help provide training and support to people from vulnerable and diverse backgrounds, who have experienced homelessness. 

  • Across the year, we welcome a wide range of speakers from BAME and LGBTQ+ backgrounds to inspire our staff through ‘inspo sessions’, covering topics ranging from the history of the Stonewall riots to the experiences of the community affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. 

  • We regularly invite cooks from a range of diverse backgrounds to join us for lunch, and introduce us to their cuisines, including refugees and vulnerable migrants, as well as up-and-coming chefs looking to build their profiles. We also feature all of these guests across our social channels.

Diversity across our content

Our channels reach a global audience and we are committed to reflecting the diversity of that audience on screen and across our content.

When it comes to our TV shows, our aim is to ensure a range of diversity across the casting of our contributors. We’ve welcomed a variety of talent into the Friday Night Feast cafe, and we ensure the diners reflect the diversity of our audience too. Jamie’s Meat Free Meals, meanwhile, showcased food inspiration from around the globe, from Delhi to Tel Aviv.

We also champion diversity behind the camera. In 2019, 30% of the Friday Night Feast production team was from an LGBTQ+ background, while over 25% was from a BAME background.

On our social channels, we’ve featured chefs from diverse backgrounds, and supported key calendar moments, such as Pride. We also heroed amazing charities, including Migrateful, Cook For Syria and the Arsenal Foundation.