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Our Team

At Jamie Oliver HQ, we have a mix of talent and skills covering many areas of expertise.

Jamie's team

There’s a big team working alongside Jamie, helping to advise, support and deliver all of the things that he does. We have all bases covered from marketing to finance, legal and digital; but we’re also proud to have leading experts and professionals on board who make sure we are always challenging the norm – shaping our activity and fulfilling our overall goal to halve childhood obesity by 2030.

“My team truly believes you can be creative in the world of food and have a social purpose – helping the general public find solutions to barriers around cooking, shopping and eating better.”

Campaigns team

The 2030 Project & Campaigning team campaigns for government policies, challenges politicians and interrogates the world’s biggest corporate businesses – they’re making it happen!

Nutrition team

Our team of registered nutritionists make sure Jamie’s cookbooks, TV recipes and menus are beautifully balanced – and they shape our company’s stance on public health.

Food team

We’re proud of the welfare and sourcing standards in Jamie’s products and on our menus. Our Food Technical team sets standards for our sourcing, and pushes for change across the industry.

Food Education team

Jamie’s Food Education team has reached 44,000 people through the Ministry of Food course, working with local authorities and charities to run cookery classes and train people to teach cooking.

Creative team

Our in-house creative teams include some of the industry’s best food stylists, designers, illustrators, animators, video and TV producers, and product developers. We are always looking for engaging new ways to celebrate the joy of food across all of our platforms.

Partnerships team

Forming meaningful partnerships with other organisations and brands helps us achieve our social purpose and commercial goals. Our Partnerships team works with carefully chosen brands to inspire people to cook from scratch, learn about food, and make better choices for themselves and their families.