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Mental health

We are committed to providing a workplace where mental health is not a taboo subject, but accepted as a natural part of all of our lives, just as our physical health is.  We want everyone to feel safe to raise mental health issues and ask for help when needed, and we want to ensure we are equipped to support one another.

Jamie's team

We work strategically and continuously to support our employees mental health:

  • Mental Health is always on our agenda.

    We know that 1 in 4 people will at some point suffer a mental health issue. And we know that a person’s mental health can change, just as their physical health can. So our work on mental health is never done. We are always looking at how we can best support our staff.

  • We equip our employees and managers to have better conversations about mental health.

    We provide regular training and workshops, aimed to make us more confident in speaking about mental health.

  • We offer comprehensive mental health support to staff.

    We have an Employee Assistance Program, which is free to staff and available 24/7. And we offer company paid counselling services where needed.

  • And we check in on one another.

    We have built in a wellbeing conversion as part of our quarterly catch-ups between managers and employees to aid conversations around mental health. And we also run regular wellbeing surveys.