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Mental health

It’s important to us that we look after our employees, and that means going beyond physical health to include mental health too. So we made it a focus in 2019…

Jamie's team

For most of us, work is a big part of our lives, a place where we spend the majority of our time. So it’s important that, as a company, we look after our employees and as well as physical health, that means mental health, too. 

Since 2019, a key focus for us has been creating a culture where people feel comfortable speaking about mental health and seeking help when they need it. 

To that end, we created a Mental Health Strategy and delivered on a range of initiatives.

  • We created and implemented a Mental Health Policy, and gave managers the right tools to speak to their teams about mental health

  • We incorporated mental wellbeing into quarterly catch-ups between managers and employees to aid conversations around mental health

  • We ran a Time to Talk Afternoon tea day, to start a conversation about mental health and remove the stigma around it

  • We rolled out Mental Health Workshops for all members of staff: one-day training courses designed to remove some of the stigma around mental health issues, and to help everyone to talk about the issues openly and in a supportive environment.