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Jamie Oliver's deli for Shell: Falafel Salad
News | 5 years ago

Everything we do at the Jamie Oliver Group is about making a positive impact on the food we all eat – and the partnership with Shell is rooted in a shared ambition to give millions of motorists better and healthier choices when they’re on the go.

Food-on-the-go is an increasingly big part of everyone’s busy, modern lives so it’s essential we provide more and better choices. And this range absolutely does that – without compromising on taste.

Our products were carefully benchmarked against like-for-like products from competitor ranges at the time of development, and we always work hard to improve recipes in line with public health reduction targets. Our pre-packaged items also carry clear front of pack traffic light labelling that allows shoppers to make informed choices.

The Jamie Oliver deli by Shell range now has much more choice with more fruit and veg options added, as well as including new items such as salads and sushi. We have added 69% more fruit and veg across the sandwich range, contributing an estimated 1.2 million additional portions of daily fruit and veg across the year.

With over 60% of the range classified as healthier, with no red signal on the traffic light labelling, it now offers much greater choice.

But as well as introducing more options, keeping existing customers happy was just as important. So rather than removing some of the more popular items, we have worked hard to improve them. For example, the BLT triple sandwich: we have reduced calories, fat and salt, added a portion of veg and sourced RSPCA accredited pork. Across the range, the meat in all the products is now British or Irish, the fish from sustainable sources and eggs are free range.

We’re incredibly proud of the range and the difference it can make to the food-on-the go sector – and motorists now have more and better choices without having to compromise on taste.