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Press Release | 2 years ago


LONDON 21 OCTOBER 2021. The Jamie Oliver Group today publishes its sustainability pledge, including a commitment to a minimum of 65% of all new recipes being either meat free or meat-reduced, and achieving net zero carbon emissions before 2040. 

As part of our sustainability pledge, we are committing to the following: 

  • At least 65% of all our new recipes – published across Jamie’s books, featured in our TV shows or shared across our social and online platforms – will be meat free or meat-reduced * by 2022
  • Achieving net zero carbon emissions before 2040 across all our operations, products and partnerships 
  • Promoting food sustainability across our content platforms with a focus on reducing food waste and meat consumption, and seasonality 
  • Incorporating clear sustainability goals into our existing food sourcing standards before the end of 2021, and setting sustainability standards across our non-food products before the end of 2022 
  • Continuing the business’ significant investment into our social impact work, including our food education programmes and campaigning 

Zoe Collins, Managing Director of the Jamie Oliver Group, said: “As a B Corp and campaigning organisation, we care deeply about our impact on people and the planet and our teams are already doing some fantastic work. Our content champions seasonality and high environmental and animal welfare standards, for example, and we offer plenty of inspiration to help home cooks eat more veg and reduce food waste. We know that we have a key role to play in helping to shape a more sustainable global food system, and we want to use the power of our platforms, and our ability to reach a huge global audience, to truly inspire people to eat a more sustainable diet.” 

The Jamie Oliver Group has campaigned for a fairer, more sustainable food system for many years, and our social purpose work is at the heart of everything we do. We also firmly believe that doing good makes good business sense as the consumer landscape is shifting and customers and audiences increasingly expect brands and businesses to play a key role in fixing some of the world’s most pressing problems. 

The group became a certified B Corp in 2020 and works to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency across all areas of the business – from media, products and licensing to international restaurants and campaigning.

As a trusted global food brand, our aim is to inspire nutritious & environmentally sustainable diets through our recipes, content and products. We champion food that is produced in a way that protects the climate and high animal welfare standards. We campaign for legislation that prioritises public health and high food standards. We strive to help minimise food waste in the home and through our partnerships and products. And we want to empower people with the skills to cook healthy food through our food education programmes. 

Creating a more sustainable and fairer food system is one of the most pressing challenges of our time – and something we have campaigned on for many years. Our food system is responsible for of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and for each of us, the food we eat accounts for about 25% of our carbon footprint

In order to build a better and fairer food system, we need to change our food environment to make healthier, nutritious and sustainable food the norm across our high streets, workplaces, homes, schools and hospitals. We also need to transition to a net zero carbon emission food system – by dramatically reducing food waste, significantly reducing the consumption of animal based proteins, and embracing seasonality.